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Hi, I'm Kim. 5 days a week I am an English Teacher and during my rest days from work I am either a poet, a romance writer, a Youtuber or a slacker—whichever I feel like (mostly a slacker though). I cosplay for a hobby and owns an online shop—The Sparkle Potato Shop—that exhibits at anime and hobby conventions. We also manage a family business: Sparkler Prints. Mostly lost but enjoying Japan very much.


I’ve been blogging since 2010 and this is my 4th blog. I had deleted my older blogs because of personal reasons and crappy posts. Being an extrovert, I enjoy sharing stories with people and my blogs have been the happy places where I could share my random wanderings and experiences specially here in Japan.


I decided to move to Blogger to make a simple designed blog for my food, travel and product reviews posts. Sparkle, Wander and Eat is the tamer and yet still sparkly side of me other than my older blogs that were too loud and unorganized.

SPARKLE | I didn’t use to be a confident extrovert; I was a rather shy, insecure high school girl who had a bad case of inferiority complex. In time I have learned to love myself, and sparkled. The sparkle part of this blog is for the things that keep me sparkling inside and out.

WANDER | Attending conventions and events is what I usually do during my days off from work. I couldn’t say I’m a hardcore travel blogger since I rarely go out of town somewhere far for a holiday, but you’ll usually see me wander the streets (Kyah, penge barya, kyah) and do random adventures somewhere around the city. Touring you guys around the beautiful country of Japan.

EAT | I didn’t intend to become a food blogger but who could resist the sumptuous seduction of food? Well I couldn’t, and thus the “Eat” in Sparkle, Wander and Eat. I love bringing friends to new places to eat and love documenting them. So why not put them in a blog, right?

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