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Saturday, October 31, 2020

A Solution for Pesky Dandruff Problems: Marks and Web Scalp Cleansing Gel and Scalp Balancing Gel Review

Before coming to Japan, I had my scalp checked by a dermatologist. I've always had dry scalp and a major problem with dandruff. I hate it. There were a lot of times when I wanted to wear black but I never did cause I'm scared of having dandruff fall on my shoulders making them too visible. It was embarrassing, but most of all uncomfortable. You always have that itchy feeling and when you try to scratch it, you just end up hurting yourself, like what you always do when you try to get back with your ex and end up hurting yourself all over again lol. Anyway, trying not to be side-tracked, I finally found a really good product to help me with my dandruff problem!


Scalp Cleansing Gel

Amino acid derivatives that condition the skin and menthol with a refreshing sensation are blended. Removes dirt, excess sebum, and old keratin (dandruff) from the skin. It keeps the skin clean and healthy with a clean feel. Recommended for special care 2-3 times a week. Flower scent of lavender essential oil and geranium essential oil.

Scalp Balancing Gel

A moisturizing gel for the scalp that moisturizes and leads to a healthy scalp. Contains Assam tea extract and horse chestnut extract that attract the scalp. It prepares the environment of the scalp that is susceptible to external stimuli such as dryness, stickiness, and itching caused by ultraviolet rays, temperature and humidity. A scalp massage improves blood flow and relaxes with the scent of natural essential oils. It is also recommended for post-tanning care due to its non-greasy feel. A refreshing scent of lavender and rosemary essential oils that is not too sweet.

Wearing black clothes when you have dandruff is like a battle you can't win.


Herbal Scalp Cleansing Gel

Body 1,640 yen (tax included)

Refill 1,200 yen (tax included)


Herbal Scalp Balancing Gel

Body 1,760 yen (tax included)

Refill 1,320 yen (tax included)


Unfortunately as per checking, I think they are only available in Japan and their website doesn't seem to have international shipping available. But if you are in Japan you can order online or there might be some malls in your area that may have them. You can check the shop locations here.



Herbal Scalp Cleansing Gel

Amino acid derivatives that condition of the skin and menthol with a refreshing sensation 


Scalp Cleansing Gel

Lavender essential oil, geranium essential oil, menthol Refreshing ingredient
menthol Moisturizing ingredient
glycerin Conditioning ingredients
Silk protein, arginine (amino acid), creatine (amino acid)

Scalp Balancing Gel

lavender essential oil, rosemary essential oil, Moisturizing ingredients
glycerin, gaskin conditioning ingredients
Tea leaf extract, horse chestnut seed extract, rosemary leaf extract

Scalp Cleansing Gel

Scalp Balancing Gel


Both have a more liquid than gel consistency. The container even makes it easier to apply it to the scalp.


·       The container makes it so easy to apply to the scalp.

·       They both have a nice relaxing scent; almost having a scalp spa.

·       It has a soothing minty feeling on the scalp.

·       It works magic on my dandruff. I use them twice a week and it keeps my dandruff at bay.



·       Maybe a little out of my budget (but that’s just me lol, it might not be too much for a product so amazing as this)



I used the Scalp Balancing Gel for a while now before trying the Scalp Cleansing Gel. It was very helpful for my dry scalp. I would use them in the evening and the next day it is very noticeable that the flakes are gone. Even my scalp is clean of dandruff. Although you have to be consistent in using these products to keep the healthy condition of the scalp, or else you’re just going to have the same issue after a few days. Good thing you can buy refills instead which saves you a few extra yen.

The next day after using them.


Some days when  I'm stressed and nights where I stay up late, my scalp becomes very dry and my dandruff worsens. So no matter how many good scalp products you use it is still important to take care of yourself! Don't lose your sparkle!

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