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Friday, September 18, 2020

My Intermittent Fasting Diary Entry #1


12:00 AM Japan Time
Current Weight: 56.8kg

Currently on my 9th hour of fasting and I’m currently deciding if I’m regretting it or not. This is the first day of me trying intermittent fasting and I don’t know if I could get through more than a day of this. I feel so weak, and I honestly believe that I might be making a lot of grammatical and typographical errors on this post. And stupidly enough, this is the night I decided to read my Food Hunt posts which obviously made me hungrier.

What made me decide to try intermittent fasting anyway?

Monday, September 14, 2020

Staying Sane With Animal Crossing

3 months left for 2020 and I'm going crazy.

2020 is proving to be the craziest year yet. And I bet that everyone is just done with this year now too (although I don't think that 2021 is gonna be any better). Most of the people I know in the Philippines are just having a bad time and they are forced to stay at home. I guess it isn't as bad here in Japan, but we're not having a good time either. We are just getting used to how life is now--The New Normal--as they call it.

Look at me blabbing about how I hate this year while I'm not even being productive either. My last post was last February which was also about how bad my life has been, not very inspiring I know. Give me a slack, I'm trying. All I've been doing lately is play video games and binge watch on Netflix.

This is probably the first time that you heard read that I play video games. Well it's because I didn't, not until Animal Crossing: New Horizons was released. I didn't have a Nintendo Switch when the game came out and I swear I wanted it so much I even had dreams about it. So one day, I decided to get one.