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Monday, September 23, 2019

Ready for Halloween?

It seems like Japan is excited for Halloween as much as I am because I've been seeing Halloween Displays since the end of August. Who wouldn't be? I'm sure you are always reminded of candies and costumes when you hear the word Halloween. As for me, I'm mostly excited about the costumes. I cosplayed (costume playing) a lot back when I was in the Philippines. I just love dressing up and Halloween is a fun (and normal) time to be wearing a costume.

I've been really busy since moving here and I don't really have the time to make costumes or go out to buy them so I'm thankful to have found a website where I could order socks to go with my costume! Saves me less time to find one where I am.

Chrissy's Knee High Socks is having a Sale right now for the Halloween so why not head over and check them out now!

I've got a few very easy costume ideas for you guys as well. Check some of them in this list:

Saturday, September 21, 2019

SILA 2.0 Saxophone Idols Live in Action


Last year I watched SILA Saxophone Idols Live in Action at the Music Museum and was blown away (did you see the pun there?) by their amazing talent with the saxophone. I have always been a fan of saxophone music but they took me to a different level of fangirling. LOL.

This year, they are yet again getting ready to amaze us as they are having SILA 2.0 Saxophone Idols Live in Action on October 12th at the Newport Performing Arts Theater!

I am honestly sad that I will not be there to witness it since as you know I am a potato in Japan now, but have I got a treat for you guys in the Philippines!

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Twenty Five and Learning (A Birthday Thought Post)

"Another year to add to my age. 23 years, still wandering aimlessly in this place called life. Should I be here? Where should I go? What should I do? Questions I always ask myself until now. Juggling between so many things I want to do but still can't find where I should really be, what I'm actually good at. or if there ever is something I'm good at."

This was a post I wrote for my birthday 2 years ago. Why does it feel like time flies by so fast? I am now 25, not feeling lost anymore and I don't feel sorry for being myself and what I have become after 2 years. It has been a long bumpy ride to get where I am today. I have worked hard to get here and all the struggles were worth it.

I still can't believe that I am on my silver year now. I feel so old and so adult (LOL) specially now that I live alone in a foreign country. I feel like I'm an entirely different person now, even my friends say so. A lot of them get surprised to see how strong I've become, how straightforward I talk and how at times I become so apathetic with things I used to be so emotional about. Well, life hit me hard on the chest and made me what I am now. It feels so good to be able to breathe after all that though.

I listed a few things that I've learned in my journey to becoming an adult; which I think applies for everyone. Read through and it just might help you out: