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Saturday, January 19, 2019

Mercury Drug Suki Planner 2019

Last year, this planner has been the talk of the town and it was hard to get one after getting viral all over social media. It didn’t get the limelight this year after Limelight’s 2019 Planner caught the attention of the media (did you see what I did there? Lol). Nonetheless, the Mercury Suki Planner did not disappoint this year and still is one of the best planners around.

This year, their planner is called “Joyful Daybook 2019”, finding joy even in the littlest moments is a great way to live a brighter and healthier life. Their main focus is for us to reflect on our personal emotions with some of the most effective tips about positive thinking, self-awareness and gratitude. In the Suki Daybook you will see page breakers filled with ideas crafted as a step-by-step guide to finding true joys in life.

The Daybook 2019 comes in four colors: Blue, Violet, Red and Yellow.
Each color has corresponding meanings:
Blue—Sapphire for peace and happiness
Violet—Amethyst for courage and clarity of thought
Red—Ruby for love and passion
Yellow—Topaz for strength and intellect

I find last year’s Suki Planner to be cute-r than this year’s but this Daybook has a lot to offer with it’s beautifully colored pages, mood tracker and other page breakers that provide motivation to live this dreadful life (just kidding). It is really pretty and I really like planners that use watercolor-y type designs that I really find aesthetic. Like last year, the pages are lined (I would prefer dotted ones, but this is also nice). Here are some of my favorite pages:

How to get a Joyful Daybook 2019? 
• You need to have a Mercury Drug Suki Card. FAQs about the Suki Card on this link.
• Get points by buying items from your nearest Mercury Drug Store. Every P200 is equivalent to 1 point.
• Once you accumulate 35 points (it was 30 points last year though, is it inflation? Lol), you can now avail the Mercury Suki Day Planner.

GREAT TIP: There are items that you can purchase to get extra Suki points. You can check them by checking on the Suki Sabado List here.

Same as last year, I’ll be using this Daybook as my weekly kawaii journal. I am planning to join #DreamJournaling2019Challenge soon. I’ll have you updated with that too! I hope your 2019 is starting out great. Happy new year, everyone!

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