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Friday, January 04, 2019

9 Lives Game – No, these cats don’t explode.

I was looking through the Indie Games Booths at ESGS 2018 when this game immediately caught my eye. Because why not?? IT’S A GAME ABOUT CATS! WE ALL LOVE CATS! (or maybe not). Anyway, I sat down and threatened the booth person with his life to play with me (no I didn’t threaten him, don’t bring me to jail). He was really nice and patiently taught me how the game works. His name is Yves Suiza by the way, the game is his brainchild but was produced by a team called Promeworks (also headed by himself). The game is the team’s pilot project.

In this game, you will be playing as a cat doing normal cat stuff like being really beatchy and feeling superior to their hoomans (just kidding, we love cats). There is only one goal in this game: DON’T DIE… at least not too much.

Each player will be given 9 chips each, which will represent their lives—now you know why this game is called 9 lives. It can be played by 2-5 players (I wish they add more, it will be manic). And I am warning you right now, this game ruins friendships, I am not even friends with Sir Yves yet but I think he hates me already for winning (I’m just joking, he played really good and is a good sport). But hey, we love ruining friendships because that is who we are *insert evil laugh here*, which is why we loved the card game UNO, right?

The game has 9 characters:

The game has 2 decks, the PAW cards and the KARMA cards.

The PAW cards can help you get out of sht, and basically the KARMA cards are ‘the sht’. Just kidding, the Karma cards are the events that decide whether you live or die, but you can counter them using the available Paw cards at hand (I hope I’ve gotten this right lol).

Seriously though, I suck at explaining how the game works but I really enjoyed playing it. Good news is that you can also get a set and play it! They’ve just announced that this 2019, they are launching a Kickstarter Campaign this coming February 1. So sign up and make sure to get your own set, crazy cat people unite!

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It's never too late to be a crazy cat lady. 

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