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Sunday, December 23, 2018

The Best Planner for 2019 – Limelight 365 Days of Awesome

In a few weeks this year is coming to an end and we all know what that means—FOOD—*cough* I mean we are approaching the year of the Earth Pig, which means a new year, a new set of resolutions NOT to follow and a new year to waste. Okay, I’m sorry, we should be optimistic here lol.

What better way to prepare for the New Year but to have your 2019 planner ready. Planners are essential to me because a lot of things happen and I go around a lot being a blogger and all, and I always want to plan them ahead by writing them down on my handy dandy planner. It took me a while to hunt for the perfect planner.

I believe Starbucks planners are always nice and exactly what I need, but it is waaaay too expensive. Imagine how much time and money I need to spend to fill all the stickers required to get ONE planner. I’m not a hater but I did that last year to get a 2018 planner, I didn’t regret it but I literally went broke. LOL.

Luckily this year, a post on Facebook went viral about a planner that they claimed to be ‘better’ than the Starbucks Planner. Honestly, I totally agree with them. Fite me. I bought one myself.

This 2019 Planner is from Limelight and has dotted pages. Great for BuJo enthusiasts like me!

The planner costs P299.75 ($15.09) it is really cheap compared to other planners with the same quality. I got it from National Bookstore at Megamall. But stocks are running out fast!

It comes in five colors:
• Green
• Black
• Gray
• White
• Peach

I wanted to get the black one but it was already sold out. The planners sold out right away since it got viral but I was still lucky to get a white one. The other cover colors were too tacky for me but the leaves/pages are lit. The pages had watercolor designs and is definitely cheap for its quality. Its style is almost the same as a Starbucks Planner but with more spaces to write on. It is a day planner and it’s perfect for me since there is a lot of space to plan my world domination. Just kidding. 

I use two planners to separate my Bullet Journal and Schedule Planner. I’ll be using my Limelight 2019 Planner for Schedules and To-Do-Lists and I bought another journal online for my Kawaii Journaling.

This Leaf Binder Journal is a planner from Horizon Group USA and is actually a blank planner where you can put the dates depending on the year you want to use it for. I got it for P300.00 (?) (I forgot). The seller said it was a gift from her boyfriend from Australia and was not able to use it so she sold it instead.

It is in cute pastel colors and each month has a short but inspirational quote in aesthetic lettering. I haven’t been able to find the right size of fillers for it since the available ones at craft stores are not the same with this journal. Hopefully I do find one that sells the same size but for now I’ll make use of what’s available.

I’m excited to use my planners for 2019 and hoping to fill it with new and exciting experiences.

How about you? Are you ready to ‘plan’ your 2019?

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