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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Prima Sassy Belle: Prima Curvetrim Slimming Juice

For 8 years, my weight always stayed at 50 kg, that is until March of this year. I started to gain weight in just 7 months I’ve reached 58 kg. I don’t fit my old jeans anymore and those that I couldn’t wear because they were too big for me now fit me perfectly. I hated it. I don’t feel confident with my body now and wanted to get back my old weight. I didn’t know where to begin though, as I didn’t have time to exercise. Prima Sassy Belle sent me a package of one of their best sellers: Prima Curvetrime Slimming Juice and I gave it a try.

Garcinia cambogia, Gluta, Collagen, Green tea, Fresh Kalamansi, Blueberry, Spirulina, L-carnitine, Grapeseed, Probiotics and Stevia.

According to the package, the key ingredients help you fell fuller between meals combined with Glutathione and Collagen which are clinically proven to boost the immune system while making your skin look younger and firmer.

Pour 1 sachet of Prima Curvetrim Juice into 120 ml cold water. Stir and enjoy!

DAY 1 – 58 kg
I drank a glass of slimming juice upon waking up. It is said that the most effective time for the slimming juice to take effect is to drink it 30 minutes before your breakfast. In the afternoon, I usually crave for ‘meryenda’ (afternoon snack) but today, I didn’t feel like eating anything at all. I did need to eat lunch and dinner but aside from that, I didn’t have the appetite to eat.

DAY 2 – 57.5 kg
I went to work today and I drank he juice again before having breakfast. Normally when I am at work I crave for milk tea and snacks, but today I was satisfied with only one meal and ate only a small cup of rice.

DAY 3 – 57.5 kg
Again, I didn’t crave for anything and felt like my stomach is always full so I didn’t want to eat other than my packed lunch.

DAY 4 – 57.3 kg
I only ate regular meals and didn’t crave for anything. I’ve been milk tea free for 4 days now (hooray for me!).

DAY 5 – 57 kg
I drank my last sachet of slimming juice from the package I got from Prima Sassy Belle. I lost 1 kg now and that’s totally a progress. Same as the other days, I didn’t eat unnecessary snack or beverages.


The primary thing I liked about Prima Sassy Belle’s Prima Curvetrim Slimmng Juice is that is not like other Slimming Juice or Teas that forces you to go to the toilet every 5 minutes (that’s totally a pain especially if you are at work) and instead is an appetite suppressant which it definitely did its job. I normally bought and ate unnecessary snacks in between meals and it definitely helped me to stop that habit. Not only did I lose a kilo, but also helped me save money. All in all, it did a perfect job to suppress my appetite, although to achieve the body I want I would need to drink more than just one box (5 sachets). I didn’t experience any bad side effects too. It would take and patience, and probably best to match with an exercise routine.


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