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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Prima Sassy Belle: Prima Curvetrim Slimming Juice

For 8 years, my weight always stayed at 50 kg, that is until March of this year. I started to gain weight in just 7 months I’ve reached 58 kg. I don’t fit my old jeans anymore and those that I couldn’t wear because they were too big for me now fit me perfectly. I hated it. I don’t feel confident with my body now and wanted to get back my old weight. I didn’t know where to begin though, as I didn’t have time to exercise. Prima Sassy Belle sent me a package of one of their best sellers: Prima Curvetrime Slimming Juice and I gave it a try.

Friday, October 12, 2018

SB WINGS: Unlimited Chicken Wings

Every time there is a celebration in our family, my Mom and Dad usually choose to eat at either Mang Inasal or Chowking (cough I’m open for sponsorships cough). Me and Kuya (older brother) wanted to try something new so we suggested to eat at SB Wings which I’ve been hearing a lot lately. They are famous for their Unlimited Wings and Fries too.