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Friday, September 14, 2018

Prima Sassy Belle: Prima Perfume Penelope Review

I hate perfumes. It triggers my allergy at times because of the strong scent. I also find it irritating that I need to spray perfume from time to time because the smell wears off easily. That’s why Prima Perfume is definitely a good news for me.

I received a bottle of Prima Perfume in the scent of Penelope a week ago and I've been using it since. Penelope is Prima Sassy Belle’s own version of PF7-RM.

Prima Sassy Belle is a 100% Filipino-owned direct selling company that focuses mainly on beauty, health and wellness products. This is why I like Prima Sassy Belle, not only do they aim for customers to achieve beauty inside and out, it’s something to be proud that it is Filipino-owned too.

It costs P320.00 for a 60ml bottle.

The packaging was an elegant combination of white accented with pink flowers and  a lining of gold. The bottle looked sturdy because of the thick glass and just big enough to carry around in you bag.

Water; ethyl alcohol; Benzyl Benzoate; Penelope (Ophelia-Hybrid Musk Rose)

It has just the right amount of sweetness that I like.
It definitely looks classy.
Scents lasts long throughout the day that I don’t need to always spray some more since it’s 25% oil concentrated.

I don’t have any bad comments on this product as of now.

As I’ve mentioned on the first part of this post, I am not a fan of perfumes but Prima Perfume might just be an exception. It basically wiped all the things I hate about perfumes and I definitely consider this as a new found love.

Prima Sassy Belle is located at Unit 24 Park & Shop Bldg., 8300 Dr. A. Santos Ave. Corner St. Rita St. Sucat Road, ParaƱaque City.


Have you tried a Prima Perfume? What scent is your favorite? Share it with me on the comments section! 


  1. This is such a pretty and dainty looking perfume, I can tell how great it would smell as well, thanks for sharing I will have to try!

    ~xo Sheree

  2. Interesting. Never heard of Prima Perfume before. I love perfumes, but I have friends who are very sensitive to most fragrances. I'll have to check this out further for them. Thanks for the tip!

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