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Friday, September 21, 2018

Lava Mocha Pony Cafe in Angono

As I have mentioned in my Life Lately post, I had a ‘kawaii-filled’ day with my bruh Tony last month. We went to Angono just to visit this Unicorn themed café and I didn’t expect that I would be disappointed with the experience. I rarely give bad reviews and this is probably the first time I will, but I want to be honest with my experience. To be fair, I will also be pointing out their good points.

We decided to meet up at 11AM so we could go there early and have enough time to spend there and take pictures before going home since we are both from Antipolo and don’t want to risk going home late. It took two rides to get there and we arrived there around 1PM. When we got there, we asked right away for the Unicorn Room because their downstairs resto was just a normal diner with local paintings hanged on their walls. They told us that it was upstairs but IT WAS STILL TOO HOT TO STAY THERE. They said that PEOPLE NORMALLY COME THERE AROUND 3PM when the sun wasn’t hot. Which we thought: Didn’t they have air conditioning or maybe an electric fan? Beside, their page specifically said THEY OPEN AT 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM.

They said we can go upstairs to take some pictures and just go back down again to eat our meal. We still insisted to go upstairs because that was basically what we went there for FROM ANTIPOLO and we REALLY wanted to take some pictures. When we went upstairs, there were about 4 students seated on one of the booths near the electricfan and man was it hot in there.

When we were choosing onesies to wear (which I dreaded doing since it was so freaking hot in there) we saw that there was an AIR CONDITIONING UNIT just beside the comfort room. I thought, okay, maybe it was broken or something? So we literally just took pictures in that freakin’ humid room, in those freakin’ hot onesies, just to take these nice pictures of us.

They let us eat downstairs since it was hot in the unicorn room. Before we went home, which was around 2PM we needed to use the toilet so we went upstairs to the unicorn room again only to find out that the air condition was ON and is WORKING. There was a family of four seated there playing loud music using the café’s Bluetooth speaker (THAT WE DIDN’T EVEN KNOW THEY HAD). So I got really annoyed with that since they could have just turned on the air conditioning and we would’ve ordered more if we were able to stay in the unicorn room.

I normally send a message to the café first before I visit since I ask permission to vlog and take pictures. To be honest I did not vlog since it was a horrible experience and I can’t even stay too long on the onesie because it was too hot. I sent a message to their Facebook account, Facebook Page and even sent a text message on their contact number. I GOT A REPLY 16 DAYS LATER. So if you are planning to rent the place, I suggest you go there directly to book or you might get a reply after the event you will rent it for is already finished.

Anyway, as promised, here are some of the good points we liked about the place:

The Lady Servers were accommodating and tended to whatever we needed. They were friendly and nice too. I couldn’t blame them about what happened though, they might not be allowed to turn on the AC anyway so they didn’t.

Free Wi-Fi is always a plus since we always want to update our family and friends. Their Wi-Fi is fast too. It would’ve been a nice hangout place if they turned on the AC.

We were able to get nice photos but were not able to last long in the onesies so we only got few shots. The place was nice and colorful. The pictures turned out nice and it didn’t look like we were sweating like heck

The ceiling caught our eyes since it was beautifully painted with nice pastel colors. It was very relaxing to the eyes and really looked nice.

I don’t think we will be visiting again but that was just OUR experience Maybe the best thing to do is to go there around 3PM so they would turn on the AC for you. I am not stopping you to go there and I am just sharing my experience but the experience may not be the same for everyone. Hopefully yours will be nice.

If you want to visit them, Lava Mocha is located at:
97 Doña Aurora Street
Angono Rizal 1930
Try contacting them on 0936557335.



  1. aww that must have been a really awful experience. Is it a collaboration? I once blogged about a foodhouse whose concept is exactly like this but is NICER. The Ac is usually off since the place is at Tagaytay you might not need it anyway. You can check this place at my blog

    1. It wasn't a collab. But still it was not the customer service anyone would want. It's just sad.

  2. I might remove them from my list of restaurant that we will visit. ��

    1. I actually did remove them from the list. 😥