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Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Mercury Drug Planner 2018 | How to get one?

2018 has just begun and this is the time for us to plan our goals and aspirations. (LOL who am I kidding?) Anyway, I think I am ready to plan the year ahead because I finally have my own My Write Life 2018 planner from Mercury Drug Store!

It’s really hard to get one eversince it went viral and hacks about how to get one spread around the internet eventually leaving no stocks of this planner on Mercury Drug Stores. Fortunately, my Kuya’s girlfriend help me to get one! (Thank you!)

Since I saw this planner, I have always wanted to have one. Mercury Drug Store has their planners every year. If I remember correctly they have the generic red planner they have every year, but this year they decided to step up their game. And man, did they do the right decision.