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Friday, November 03, 2017

MIBF 2017 Book Haul

Manila International Book Fair (MIBF) 2017 once again blessed Filipino Book Lovers with another year of this amazing celebration for the love of books. The MIBF week falls on my birthday (September 15) every year and this year, I decided to attend and celebrate my birthday there. I made a vlog of my MIBF adventure which I uploaded on my Youtube Channel here:

It was two years ago when I last attended MIBF and I don’t even remember having to wait in line just to enter. I started to lose hope when I arrived at the SMX Center when I saw how long the line was, imagine how hot it was as well since I arrived at noon. But I didn’t travel all the way to Pasay City from Antipolo just to go home not having been able to go to MIBF. With patience and perseverance, alas! After more than an hour of waiting, I got in! I didn’t buy a lot of books there but I did get some of the books I want. I bought 6 books in total.

First thing I looked for when I got in was the Precious Heart Romances Booth. I have always been a fan of this publishing company and for years I am still wishing and hoping and working hard to be one of their published writers. And this dream of mine had already been achieved by one of my dearest college friends—a fan becoming a successful romance writer herself—Spring Mendez. I haven’t been able to buy all of her books since this friend of mine has been publishing a lot but I bought one of her trilogies. I soooo love the cover and the titles too. More books to come. Congratulations, Fei.

The next is a book by Sonia Francesca I have been looking for everywhere since it was released. I was mentioned on the first page of this book and eversince I became an SRC fan it has always been my dream to be mentioned on the first page by Ms. Sonia Francesca. Dream come true! Stallion Series Revisited: JIO CANTILLER

People close to me (or even those who read my blogs) know how much I’m in love with Uncle Rick Riordan’s Mythology Series. I have yet to complete my The Heroes of Olympus Series and I was missing the 2nd and 5th book. I rummaged through National Bookstore’s 20% sale and found this amazing The Son of Neptune book.

The last book that I bought is a book I have always wanted to read. I wasn’t actually impressed with the movie and I didn’t get the point of it (LOL sorry). But friends have been recommending this book and I’m interested to find out why. I got this book from National Bookstore with a 20% discount too. Hopefully I make time to read John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars.

I was happy how my MIBF adventure turned out. I will definitely attend again next year. Hopefully the line wouldn’t be that long, but I’ll still go anyway no matter what because books are love!

P. S. I was with two of my friends and they got me gifts from Miniso. I love them so.
Coin banks from Miniso

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