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Friday, November 03, 2017

Lanterns Game and Grub: Play and Eat!

Another amazing Antipolo Find, Lanterns Game &Grub is a restaurant you can't not try when visiting Antipolo. Cafes and restaurants have been competing to offer customers something new and different, and Lanterns Game & Grub seems to have thought of that even before their soft opening last year.

Lanterns Game & Grub is a Board Game Restaurant that offers pizzas, pastas, paninis, salads, nachos, rice bowls, desserts and alot of other delicious choices.
People tend to forget what 'bonding' really means. When they spend time together, they give more attention to their gadgets rather than actually taking time to talk to the person they are with. That's why I like Lanterns Game & Grub, it brings the good old 'bonding' we grew up with. With the variety of board games to choose from, families and friends can enjoy spending time with each other minus the gadgets.


Board Games- as I mentioned earlier, I like the fact that this is a Board Game Restaurant and there are alot of games to choose from. My personal favorite would be The Cards Against Humanity. (Oh, last time we went there, we played 5-second rule, and guess who got the highest score?)

The Nachos- I super love their nachos. It goes so well with the beef it's just so heavenly.

The Doodles Wall- This is one of the iconic features of the cafe. Customers are not allowed to write on it though. But it looks amazing.

No Service Charge- I once visited a Board Game Restaurant (name I will not mention) and we paid a huge amount not only because the food was expensive, but also because of the service charge. That is why I love Lanterns Game & Grub, they don't have service charge, plus, you can play all you want.

Lanterns Game and Grub is located at:
2nd Floor, Emax Building, L. Sumulong Memorial Circle, San Roque, Antipolo, Rizal
Contact them on this number: 0915 837 5113
Like their facebook page: Lanterns Game & Grub
Opening hours are shown below:

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